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About me

Welcome to Dave's Helpline

My name is Dave Walkiden, I provide computer help and training. I have been involved with computers for over 40 years. I provide computer classes for beginners and more advanced uses. I deal with a wide range of computer problems each day for both private clients at home and small businesses, helping to troubleshoot their computer issues and of course to avoid problems altogether. I am a patient teacher so you need not fear criticism. I teach in a relaxed manner.

In addition, I have many satisfied clients who subscribe to my Remote Help services who live in England, Spain, France in fact, all over Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and other countries.

I always personalize my service to suit my clients. We are all different, and need different levels of help, so I treat each client individually.

Common Problems

See some examples below:-

Slow computer?

slow computerA computer can run slow due to a number of factors.
It may be infected with some form of virus or malware. It could be a faulty hard disk or maybe some conflicting software.

It can also be due to overheating or worse still a dying hard drive or it may be too many programs loading at startup. Since there are so many possibilities it needs professional attention.

Internet Pop-Ups

pop upsIf you are getting lots of pop-up windows on your internet browser program then you likely have a virus or some malware infection.

This problem may also be manifest when you open the browser and your start/home page is diverted to some strange search page.

In any case your system needs a clean up. Call me to get it sorted, this can be done on-site.

How do I remove a virus?

Removing a virus properly virusis not for the fainthearted and takes experience and know how. In fact your very system may not let you just run a virus removal tool. Often a virus can lock up your system completely or may cover the screen and prevent you from further progress. Smaller infections can be removed by running a scan from your Anti Virus software. Malware infections can be removed by running the free version of Malware bytes (

A virus is really a program that is designed to carry out the wishes of its designer and so defeating a virus requires some understanding of what it is about.

So, for proper, full removal of a virus you should always seek help from a professional to be sure removal is complete. Many types of virus and malware have built-in routines to prevent you from fully removing them and indeed to begin hiding themselves further into your system.

My network won't connect

Networking If your network wont let you into the shared folders you have established then you have a permissions issue. This can often be fixed by restarting your Router and the computer you are trying to access.

However it also may be something more serious such as configuration changes. permissionsNetworking is a tricky area to solve if you don’t know what you are dealing with. For this reason you need to call someone who does know about Networks as you may make matters worse.

Internet Does Not Work

internet downIf your internet does not work on your computer, we can help!

There are a variety of reasons you may not be able to get internet, and we can take a look at your desktop to determine the exact cause.
Some of the reasons your internet or WiFi may not work include:
•       Viruses
•       Driver Issue
•       Bad WiFi / Network card
•       Settings need re-configuring

Fill out my Contact form to ask me -I can help you!

Overheating problems

overheatingA hot computer is a slow computer!

If your computer or laptop is overheating this is a real danger to the machine. If it gets too hot your processor may suffer and burn out. This would be a costly repair.

Proper cooling is vital. Often it can be a dust impacted fan or a faulty fan bearing. Getting this resolved quickly is always cheaper!

Computer Does Not Turn On

blank screenIf your computer or laptop does not turn on you may need an internal check since it can be the power supply or battery issues.

Usually this problem is usually very simple to fix unless the motherboard has died in which case a repair is probably not viable.

Get the right diagnosis.

DVD Drive issues

DVD drive
DVD drives can fail but can be replaced relatively easily and cheaply.

Sometimes however it may be a software or driver issue.

Give me a call to resolve the actual problem.

Printer not working?

printerPrinter issues are often erratic and can be due to a number of causes. If for example a printer has been installed for some time and suddenly stops working it maybe due to driver issues when windows has updated; problems with the Windows Print manager or the Spooler (printer assigned memory) and other issues.

Of course problems can often arise when a new printer is being installed and it just doesn’t respond to the installer or, it reports as ‘not found’. This can be due to the cable or WiFi issues if its a WiFi printer or indeed a driver issue. I have even been called out to this kind of problem only to find the client was plugging the USB cable into the network socket of the PC! Of course this is not the norm and printing issues can vary greatly.

Sometimes the printer is not actually the issue at all. Rather the program using it, for example the web browser or other software and it can also be affected by malware infections. Also a paper jam may not have been cleared properly.

Usually this type of problem can be solved on-site fairly quickly.

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