iPad battery life

The iPad is great except that it’s battery drains quickly.
To extend the battery life a little you should know a few things as below.

First, when you close an App by pressing the Home button the App does not really close, it just goes into off screen but it’s still open. Since many Apps are using the internet to retain and refresh their content, the App is still working away in the background using your precious battery life.

Home buttonTo really close and App DOUBLE press the home button.

This will bring up a series of smaller windows showing your open Apps. -see below:
swipeSimply swipe up the small window for each one as if you are pushing the App off the top of the iPad screen

Once all the App windows disappear just click on the main one to return to normal view.

Do this regularly to keep your iPad in good shape.

In the older versions of the iPad operating system (iOS) the open Apps appear at the bottom of the page and you need to press the RED minus symbol on eaold iconsch one to close them. Confirm the deletion if prompted.Press the Home button after you have finished.

Another area where things get left open is when browsing the Internet using for example Safari or Chrome or other browsers. Open your browser and look at the top. Do you see many tabbed pages open?
tabbed pages
If so, you need to close each one on a regular basis otherwise you are connecting and reconnecting to those pages each time you open the browser.

Notice that one of the tabbed pages has a small X on it, press to close that Tab and then the next one will inherit the X to close that.

Repeat until only one or no pages are left open.

Using the Home button to’ turn off’ your iPad doesn’t really turn it off either.
it just goes into ‘sleep’ mode.

sleep or wakeIt will help solve many issues as well as improve the performance of your device if you really turn it off fully now and again.

To do this, simply hold in the top button as shown here for about 5 seconds until you see the option to ‘Slide to Power Off

slide to power off

Slide your finger across from the arrow to make the iPad shut down fully.

shut downTo turn it on again once its completely shut down, simply repeat the process with the top button until you see the Apple symbol appear, let go -and wait until it restarts.

Do this regularly especially when things do not behave as they should. Your battery will thank you.

NOTE: These tips apply equally to the iPhone


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