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enter headerA Template is essentially a document style that you want to use as a basis for other documents. A letterhead is a good example

To create a letterhead in Word, first have Word open and then you must enter the Header area. To do that simply double click in the area above your first line (level with the leftmost darker grey shaded section.) See example here:

This is now the Header of the document –an area not often used, but it is perfect for your letterhead.
 The first thing to do so as not to have your letterhead repeating on all your pages is to select the box shown as Different First Page. 

 tabsDecide now if your letterhead is going to have the address lines to the right or centered on the page. If centered we will come to that later. If to the right then set a tab as follows.  

To add a tab to your ruler bar at about 13cm by clicking on the ruler just under the number 13 —so that it looks like this:

address Now when you press the Tab key on your keyboard the cursor jumps to that spot. Here is where you can type your address details so that all the lines line up correctly.

Type the information you want in your letterhead as shown here and always leave an extra blank line under your text so that when you come to write your letters there is always a line free separating your header from your main text.

positionYou can always adjust the right hand position of your text once it’s done by highlighting all the text lines then dragging the tab along the ruler until you are happy with it’s position.

align textIf you decided to centre your address lines, first highlight all your text and then simply press the icon for centre on the top toolbar. You can highlight and use other features such as Bold text etc., if you prefer.

Once completed double click in the main area below the header to return to your template. You will now see the basic layout of your letterhead.

Now comes the important part about creating templates.

save asGo the File tab and select Save As

(The File tab may look like a small round coloured globe.)

template type 
Very Important: The bottom box marked Save as type: should be changed from Word document .docx to the option marked Word Template *.dotx
(-dot stands for document template and the x is the new format used in 2007/2010)


Give your template a name in the File name box

locationNow decide where you will keep your letterhead TEMPLATE –preferably making a new folder in say My documents. Then it will be safely away from your normal documents.

Select that folder and finally click the SAVE button.
Now that your Letterhead is created simply go to that folder whenever you want to make a new letter and double click the icon for it. You will be making a new document based on your template.
This means you are not opening the original template but a cloned copy of it.
You can save your letters in your document folders each time without affecting your letterhead.

* To change your letterhead at any time simply RIGHT click it’s icon in the folder you made for Templates and select OPEN. You will then be editing the original template.


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