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How to change your wireless Router’s password

Why would you need to do this?
It may be that the password is just too long to be practical or that it has been compromised and someone you trusted in sow using your wireless access.

Whatever the reason here ‘is how to do it.

It is quite easy to do but first you need to have some information to hand.

Primarily you need to have the IP address of your router.
This is a number that can be found in 2 primary ways.

Often it is on a small label underneath the router and looks like this: or -along with the SSID and wireless key supplied with the router (not always).

Another way to find it is to get your computer to tell you. Here’s how:-
On your computer keyboard press the Windows key +R (or Start>Run) and then in the box type cmd and press OKrun cmdwindows key

In the black box that follows type IPCONFIG and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
The lines of text that show will display a Gateway. That is the IP address of your router, note it down.

Now that you have this information you can begin. You will also need the password for your router.

1. Open your Internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorgatewayer.
2. Type in the top box the IP address of your router -don’t forget the dots..
3. Press Enter

4. You will be prompted for the ID and password for your router. This can be admin/admin or 1234/1234 (Crouter loginertain internet providers change the password when dispatching the router and you will not be able to continue without it.) Click Log In
5. Once you login to the router you need to look for the wireless section and then sometimes Wireless Security. This is different in every router but will look something like this example below.

6. Just over type the password you want in the Passphrase section shown below.
7. Click Apply or Save.
8. Finally look for the option to reboot (with current settings). This can be under Advanced or Maintenance etc.
9. Once done you can connect to your local network with the new key.change pw


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