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How to use Windows File Explorer better.

‘Windows File Explorer’ refers to the window where you normally access your files from.
This is often from the small yellow folder icon on the bottom bar or the desktop shortcut to your user files,or even the start menu Documents link.
Once there you often have to navigate through several steps to reach your folder of choice.favorites
If you make use of the Favorites section, you can save some time.
This has nothing to do with Internet favorites by the way.
The original looks like the example show here:-
However with a little tweaking this list can be a great way to get quickly to your most used folders.
create linkTo get a folder into that list simply open the Explorer window and drag the required folder icon to the list until you see a small horizontal line appear and release your mouse.
You can repeat this until you have all your most used folders in place.
There is no real limit to the number of folders you can add there.
favoritesThis is a simple but very effective tool to working and locating files quickly.
If you want to open this Explorer window quickly you can do so from the keyboard by holding the Windows key (next to left Ctrl) E.

and pressing the letter

* The colour coding in my examples will be the subject of another article at a later date.

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