Screen capture and extraction

A nifty free tool called PicPick can help you capture your computer screen and Save, Edit, Copy, Paste etc., for things you may have not thought useful.
Take a look at some of the uses illustrated below to see what I mean.
First download the utility from
Once installed and the program first opens turn off the main screen from the box at the far bottom left corner.
Print Screen keyNow whenever you have something on screen and you run PicPick just press the Prt Scr button on your keyboard upper right section (Imp Pant on Spanish keyboards.)

Your screen is automatically ‘captured’ and the PicPick editor then opens and shows your screen as a picture. You might first want to crop the screen capture to a smaller area.

For example you want to take out of a PDF document a small paragraph to send on to someone else. Use the Select icon to draw a box around the area you want then press the Crop icon to reduce it down to the area you just indicated.

You will see you have the option to Copy this new picture and Paste into your other programs or email messages etc. (Ctrl+V is a shortcut for Paste)
You can also use the File>Save As option to store it for later.
If you play with the options of the program it can be a powerful tool in grabbing sections of your screen for saving and printing.
You can add arrows to your screen grabs as I have done here by selecting the colour you want to use from the palette and then clicking the small arrow tool. Hold and drag your mouse to draw your arrow.
Be sure to use the option for Flatten (top left) to combine your picture and the arrow.
Enjoy using this great tool.

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