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Windows system cleaners –Are they really effective?

Most system cleaners on the market are often a waste of time. Especially those that charge a fee. The best cleaning software is often free as it’s given away by enthusiasts. Depending on what version of windows you are running the answer may be different. For example if you’re running Windows 7 then any so called Registry Cleaner is probably a waste of time as it has its own built in tools that perform very well. In fact registry cleaners should be avoided by most users as they can damage permanently Windows.
There are 2 main areas to consider for clean up. Firstly, Temporary Files which are being created daily by general use and what is called Spyware. Spyware is a form of infection that is very common but not technically a virus. It is the most likely form of infection you can get today. Scanning your system for this regularly is a must.
ccleanerI can recommend a couple of tools to keep handy and run periodically.
The first is CCleaner from Piriform which has a function to remove temporary files. This free software has been around a while and performs very well improving start up times in Windows

temp file cleanerwhere it is boated with temporary files. These are caused constantly with installing, uninstalling, downloading.

Temp File Cleaner from ADDPCS.and general windows use as it’s not a good housekeeper in that regard. If you want to clean temp files even deeper, you can use the free version of

malwarebytes The next cleaner worth considering is Malwarebytes which again has a free version. This removes spyware that has got into your system. This very effective tool scans your system for hidden items that have managed to get past your security. On installation, decline the option to have a trial of the Premium version which costs money later on. If you do mistakenly install the Premium trial, when it runs out just click on the tiny option to ‘end free trial’ and return to the free version.

ADWIf your system is very infected you can use ADW Cleaner to get rid of deep seated spyware however this program may need careful execution and it always requires a restart after scanning. If your spyware problem blocks anything you try to do then you may need specialist help.

If you have an updated Anti-Virus program and at least the Windows built in Firewall running, plus a selection of these tools, you should remain well protected and able to clean most threats. Remember that most tools advertising system performance increases are usually a con. They will charge you and you will see little or no improvement and in some cases actually invite spyware into your system. Stick to basics and you will have fewer problems.

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