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Are there times when you would love to scan and save directly as a PDF file?
Some scanner software allows you to do that but rarely can you scan several pages and save as a single PDF file.
Saving as a PDF directly from something you type is often available from the Save As option but a free utility will let you Scan multiple pages into a single PDF document.
download, Creating PDF files
First head over to download the free STP utility (use the freeware link). Once downloaded extract and place the program file where you want the scanned files to be saved so, on the Desktop for example.
[Since the program is very small this is not an issue for desktop placement.]
scan, Creating PDF files
The program looks like this and is easy to use. First click the option to Scan New Page. You will be prompted to select your scanner. Click Select to do that and then the scanner software on yo

ur computer will display am option screen like the one shown though this may vary depending on your scanner software.

select, Creating PDF files
scanner, Creating PDF files
Generally its best to click Scan unless you are dealing with smaller scans than A4 (if so use the Preview option first and adjust the borders)
You can repeat the previous steps to Scan new Page etc., as many times as you have pages to be included. The program will save the separate scans you have done before.
make pdf, Creating PDF files
Once you are finished scanning, press the Make PDF button on the program window.
yes, Creating PDF files
You will be prompted to convert your scans into a PDF just click Yes.
ok, Creating PDF files
Finally you will be informed the scan is done and the name of the scanned document. This is always saved to the same location where you originally put the downloaded STP program file (i.e. desktop). Click OK.
Once completed just use the Close button on STP to close it.
You can of course rename the file afterwards to whatever you want (right click its icon).
Simple and free multiple page PDF documents!

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