WhatsApp, Using WhatsApp on your PC

Recently, WhatsApp released a web based version that can be used on your PC.
Why would this be useful? If you are desk based for any length of time and use WhatsApp it can be easier to use the PC keyboard to type your chats and also if pictures are involved to and from your PC then that’s very useful.
To get it up and running head over to the Internet start page on your PC at http://web.whatsapp.com.
Be sure your mobile phone is connected to the Wi-Fi.
On the web page there you will see a QR code (like a square bar code)
QR code, Using WhatsApp on your PC
Open WhatsApp on your mobile and go to SETTINGS
Then click on the WhatsApp Web option on your phone screen
Hold your phone over the QR code to scan it and the web page will automatically react to the phone and your WhatsApp will be displayed on your computer screen. Whatever you type on either device is mirrored on the other.
Be sure to keep your mobile connected to the WiFi for this to keep working and make sure your phone is nearby otherwise the PC version will just switch off.
It’s pretty cool so enjoy!

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