Selling or passing on your PC and want to completely clean all your data?

No need to wipe the whole machine just follow a few simple steps to remove all your personal details for good. Easy to use guide below.-
NOTE: BE sure you have a backup copy of ALL your data as the process wipes all the data for good. Programs are not affected.
First head over to the Control Panel (from the Start Menu)
Manage another account
Then scroll all the way down to the User Accounts section and click that.
In the users section click ‘Manage another account.
Create new account, clean hard drive completely
Now simply click the option to ‘Create a new User‘ and provide a name. This can be anything such as ‘User’ if you don’t know the intended users real name.


Make sure that the new user is set as Administrator in the main screen (Account name, clean hard drive completelythis is very important)

Click the Create Account button to finalise the process. Close all open windows.
Now you need to sort of log out of your current account and you do so by selecting the option to ‘Log off’ from the Start menu.
Log off, clean hard drive completely
It will take you back to the main ‘Log On’ screen and then you can simply select the new User you created.
This will actually build a new user account and set of folders such as the Desktop; My Documents; My Pictures etc., so allow a few minutes.
Now at this point you should go back to the Control PanelDelete the account, clean hard drive completely and the User Accounts section and select Delete the Account and then ‘Delete the Files’
And finally ‘Delete the account’ once again.
Once this process is completed you can restart the computer and it will automatically log into the new user account with no data files.
Finally if you want to be really sure everything has gone open Windows Explorer and go to C: and then the Users folder. Double click to enter that folder. If you see a folder with the name of your previous user account (your name) then you can safely delete it. DO NOT remove any other folders.
Now your PC is clean of your old private data.

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