Windows 10 upgrade ships with its own built in tools such as a PDF viewer, Media Player and Picture viewer; Browser (Edge).
If you’re used to Adobe PDF Reader for example you may prefer to keep using that rather than the Windows built in PDF viewer. Similarly the built in Picture Viewer or Video/Music player may drive you crazy. So why not just download your favourite free programs and get back to the way you want to use your PC and not be dictated to by Microsoft’s new tools.
Start by going to click MENU at the top of the screen and download the free Adobe Reader at the bottom of the pop up window. Once installed, add it as the default PDF reader when prompted.
Do the same for get the free VLC player which basically will play any format of music and video and is way better than the built in app windows tries to pass off as credible.
If you likes the old Windows Picture Viewer you can re-establish it simply go to the new Start menu > Settings and go to System > Default apps. Under “Photo viewer,” you should see the current default photo app. Click this to see a list of options for a new default photo viewer. Assuming you upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version of Windows, you should see Windows Photo Viewer as an option. Select the Windows Photo Viewer and exit.
(If you have a clean install of W10 or a new PC you can still do this. Check out how here:
To get a real browser in place of the new Edge apology for a browser, you can use Chrome or Firefox both downloadable free of the net.
To make sure you set all your favourite tools as the default choice once again go to Start menu> Settings and go to System > Default apps and click each type in turn and select your choice of branded program.
avoiding windows 10 default apps
Windows 10 Default Apps can be swapped

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