Windows 10 naturally shares a lot of telemetry information with Microsoft. Mostly, telemetry information is about how well (or poorly) your PC operates, along with a smattering of information about how you use it.

But the default setting sends a maximum amount of information to Redmond, including detailed crash reports that could include confidential information. You can override these default settings and choose not to share that information.

Start Menu settings button

Here’s how you do it.
First go to the Start menu then click the Settings option

 Once in the main settings menu you want the Feedback & Diagnostics section.
The quickest way to get there is simply type “Feedback” in the top box and it will give you to options, just click the Feedback Privacy settings option.
feedback settings
Feedback settings screen


Change the two drop down boxes so that they show NEVER and BASIC in the respective places as shown here.
frequency sliders
feedback frequency
Now its done.
If you value your privacy then these settings will go a long way to helping that.

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