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The standard display for your computer clock appears to the bottom right of your screen. However it’s pretty basic and mostly offers just the time and then if you hover your mouse over it, the date also appears.

Did you know that you can also get the date to stay in place and that you can have the AM or PM symbol showing?Region

Head over to the Control Panel to get started.

Then find and open the Region section (In Windows 7 it’s called Regional and Language)


In this windows you will find the time settings.

Simply change the ‘Short time’ setting from its drop down box to the h:mm tt option and click Apply.

Once you click Apply the change is immediate so you can look and see if you like it, if not change it back.






If you want extra date features then you can select them from the Additional Settings button.


Then click the top tab marked DATE




day of weekDepending on the length of date options you want you can change the setting in the Short date box. You can type your own setting. Here I have typed ddd, to give the abbreviated day (use dddd, to give full day) then MMMM to show the full month name and finally either yy or yyyy to give short or long year setting.

You can experiment with various permutations to give whatever options you prefer in your clock display.

Click Apply each time to see how it will look in the lines above and once you click OK its set.

Great if you constantly need to know this information

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