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Do you use ‘Google Chrome’ to browse the internet?

If so you may likely have issues from time to time. Chrome is made by Google and so is from a premium stable.

Chrome started out as a quite basic but more safe and secure browser than the old Internet Explorer built into Windows. So far so good.

However since those early days Chrome has grown into a more advanced and technical animal.

Quite often I get clients calling me out about ‘Internet problems’ only to find that when I investigate their problems, the issue is with Chrome itself and not their internet connection or experience generally.

The reason for that I believe, is that Chrome has become a big target. Google started out as an internet search engine and then produced Chrome as its own browser, followed by the fact that the popular Android operating system for many tablets and phones, is also basically Chrome. This makes it a great target for hackers and spyware writers because they have an ever increasing target market.

How to avoid some issues.
Firstly, be sure to be on the latest version. How? Go to the 3 dots menu at the top right corner and select Help>About Google Chrome




This will reveal the version you have and automatically invoke an update if one is available.

If you have an old version of Windows like XP or Vista, Chrome will no longer support version 53 or lower.

If you find that Chrome keeps crashing or freezing you may need to reset it.


Go to the 3 dots menu again and select Settings then scroll down the bottom of the page and click on Advanced Settings

Then again scroll to the bottom and click Reset Settings and finally RESET

Chrome issues This will eliminate many issues that Chrome has been affected by.

Sometimes though, the issue cannot be resolved and your best bet is to just switch to another browser. An example I had recently of this is where a client called me to fix his printer which was printing his yahoo mail but omitting the first line of every paragraph.

I could not find issues with the printer and as a test I copied his email content into Word and that printed fine so I knew it was not the printer at fault. Then I checked the Yahoo settings –again not the issue. I reset chrome and removed any extensions it may have collected along the way, but no change. I download the alternative Firefox browser, logged into his yahoo account and hey presto! The mail printed perfectly. The issue was Chrome.

Actually Mozilla Firefox I believe is the best browser out there in terms of functionality and speed and has less bugs to deal with. Available from




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