With so many sites requiring a username and password, it’s important to make sure access stays private.

On line banking and other secure sites especially should have good passwords.

If you think your password is safe why not test it here: https://howsecureismypassword.net/ and see how long it would take a hacker to crack it, you may be surprised.

So what make a good password? Well first consider what does NOT make a good password, such as your name, date of birth and/or your address. These things can be guessed from your other data. NEVER use a proper word even a foreign word because hackers can use a ‘dictionary attack’ to find such words.

When selecting a password of course you want to use something memorable.
The best passwords are long words or phrases joined together as one long word.Consider though how you can change your current memorable word into something more secure. For example consider using characters in place of letters such as the letter ‘a’ could be replaced with the @ character or the ‘e’ can be replaced with a 3 instead. Using asterisks and other characters can really enhance your password and make it much more secure. Combine your password with CAPITAL letters, small letters, numbers and characters to make a standard password choice a much more secure option. Just think of your preferred word and use the rules just described above to make that word memorable but secure.

You can even use a phrase instead of a word but again be sure to change some letters for characters. Another consideration is to use the name of the program/site you are accessing within your password so, for example, for your Skype password can you combine your memorable word with Skype in the middle of it? So if your old insecure password was ‘milkytea99’ why not use ‘MilkySkypeTea99’ instead. This idea can be used in the same way for many other sites so you have a unique variation without forgetting it.

Some careful thought will keep you safe.


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