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My name is Dave Walkiden and I have over 40 years experience working with computers. Now I run my own computer consultancy specifically via on-site visits to my customers.

I have been working with computers from the early days when the the old Amstrad word processors were the ‘in-thing’. After starting a new business at the time we got them running programs for Invoicing; Payroll and Tax software etc and really got into the capabilities of them before Microsoft introduced Windows.

I learned Windows and Microsoft Office from the ground up. Soon I developed an  aptitude for solving problems with the system. I have been working with computers and teaching others ever since.

In 1995 I sold my UK business and moved to Spain. There I set up my own computer consultancy. This started life as giving computer lessons to retired ex-pats but soon became a full-blown call-out service to deal with day-to-day technology issues for both private individuals and small companies.

After 22 years in Spain I recently returned to the UK to help with ageing parents and am now delighted to offer Dave’s Helpline and computer services to the local community in the Stamford, Rutland and surrounding areas.

Additionally I provide online courses for beginners using Windo9ws 10 or 11. the courses are module based and interactive.

I take pride in helping my customers to become proficient in using their device,  whether that be a small tablet, kindle, computer or laptop. I am a patient teacher and use everyday simple language to explain things. I can also provide printed help sheets.

I can also diagnose problems with Mac or Microsoft software such as Outlook or any of the Microsoft Office suite programs such as Word and Excel etc. If a small company needs a cost effective way of calling on someone to solve their IT issues then I can help with that both in solving the issue, training and networking.

For those who live in remote areas or with an urgent issue I can offer remote control services whereby I can see their computer screen on my own machine and fix a problem without having to leave home, which is very cost effective.

Whatever support a client needs I can meet that demand in a friendly and relaxed manner.