On older versions of the Mac OS system with iPhoto you could just drag a photo to the bin and they would delete. Newer versions of OS which will have upgraded your picture software to the PHOTO program, means this is no longer possible. (This does not refer to the apps on iPhone or iPad but Mac computers)                   The steps below show how to delete unwanted photos. You can delete one at a time, or several at once. Delete a single photo Click on the photo that you want to delete. Press the Delete key. Confirm that you want to delete the photo. Delete multiple photos Press and hold down the Command key to make a multiple selection. Click each photo that you want to delete. Press the Alt + Command keys the press the Delete key. Confirm that you want

If you use Microsoft Word for your word processing, each time you open it you may be presented with a ‘splash screen’ or opening screen with template choices. To avoid that screen and go straight to a blank A4 page, just carry out the following simple steps. Open Word Click the File menu (top left) Click Options (Or Word Options in some versions) Notice the bottom box on the main screen, here you can untick the box to avoid the Start screen. Click OK to complete the process and when you restart Word the start up screen will not appear. As an additional tip from this same screen you can choose the general colour theme for Word. So for example in older versions of Word you can choose from White, Light Grey and Dark Grey, which depends on your screen brightness.           I find the dark

      According to Twitter account @WABetaInfo WhatsApp is about to release a new feature whereby YouTube videos will play directly within the chat window, rather than switching you to the player. WhatsApp has fixed one of the annoying parts of using the Messenger app by allowing this as part of its latest iOS update. When users tap on a YouTube link in a chat they no longer have to leave the app in order to watch it. Instead the video appears with a floating window on the screen so users can message friends and watch videos simultaneously. PICTURE-IN-PICTURE ‘With picture-in-picture, you can also keep watching the video while you navigate to another chat’. Users can also resize the video window using a pinch gesture, as well as maximising it to full screen for a better view. Previously users were forced to watch videos sent by friends and family

Project idea: Make a Photobook. These great glossy or matt finish books are printed with your own photos from your digital or scanned copies and once submitted for printing come in just a few days. I can help you take the photos from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Also scan  photos from your printed snaps even if you don’t have a scanner. Prepared at your place or mine. Need help in preparing, sizing, and designing the book? Even if you need help with using the online software I will guide you through the processes. Great for those special memories and events such as weddings, retirement parties and anniversaries etc. Do away with old sticky photo albums and get a great glossy printed book dedicated to those great memories. Additionally calendars and Posters as well as wall prints on canvas etc. Some Features:- 36 to 250 pages, cover freely customisable Large

The big internet providers are to be made to change the way they advertise their broadband speeds. Presently they can advertise the highest speed at the best time for them to appear fast with a phrase that says ‘up to’ which basically means they can give you poor service and get away with it. Fewer than 10% of homes would get the best speeds. The Committee on Advertising Practice (CAP) has announced that from May 2018 such companies will have to advertise their average speeds at peak times of the day for at least 50% of their customers. This would give a very different picture to the current one! Even some eastern European countries are receiving better speeds than the average UK home because our exchanges have not been upgraded and are using old copper cable systems. Whereas some countries have been upgrading to the newer fibre optic switching exchanges.

WhatsApp announce a new function called ‘Delete for Everyone’ which allows the user to delete a message they sent within 7 minutes of it being sent out. this may help someone who sends a message and then regrets their decision. This option will be for individual messages or those sent to a group chat. Exactly when this new function will be available on our phones is unclear. You can see full details of this function in this article. And WhatsApp own delete FAQ here  
You may have received an email from ‘Amazon’ informing you of a reward for your custom. Basically this is a scam and not from Amazon at all. I am fairly vigilant when it comes to emails like this however in my case I had recently ordered a few things from Amazon but my Amazon account is UK based and the rewards email was for a reward in dollars. So that made me suspicious even more. One way you can confirm this is a scam is to hold the mouse over the highlighted Amazon links and you will see the real link address you would be taken to if you clicked them, clearly not Amazon at all. Amazon themselves are aware and have warned of this scam, details here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=15362281  

From next year 2018, Microsoft announces it is to discontinue its Groove music streaming services and move its subscribers to the Spotify service. After the end of December 2017 it will no longer be possible to or stream music from Groove. It will continue to play your purchased music but nothing more. The Groove App will continue life as a player on Microsoft computers and devices but not for purchases. Partnering with Spotify allows Microsoft the opportunity to get out of the issue of having to offer so much music which is what customers demand. Groove has always been a poor service in comparison to its competitors so it’s no big loss to the majority of serious music streamers. One good thing about this change is that Microsoft will allow its subscribers to transfer their playlists and music collections to Spotify so if it goes as promised, there should be

Mac computers have long had the reputation of being more reliable and secure than PC’s mainly because the system they run called Mac OS –Mac Operating System (written in Unix) is very different from that of say, Microsoft Windows. Whereas some systems like Windows has many automated tasks including updates, Apple’s system requires the user to give permission often via a password for any changes to the system. In recent times threats to computer systems have changed and the OS needs to be updated to avoid their security being compromised. A recent survey by security company DUO revealed that out of 73,000 Mac computers operating in the real world 4.2 percent of them were not running the firmware they should have been based on their operating system. Firmware is the core system that runs when you first turn on the machine to check all is in order. Malicious code can

Got an Android tablet or phone? You may have read advice about turning off your Wi-Fi to save your device’s battery and that is good advice but, here’s a tip to save you having to keep changing settings but still save power automatically. Go into the Settings app and tap the Wireless and Networks section. Next you tap Wi-Fi Settings and look for the Sleep Policy. If you tap that, you will get 3 options. Probably you will see the status set to NEVER which means it never sleeps -thus draining your battery. Select the option ‘When screen is turned off’ which means it will shut off the Wi-Fi when the screen is turned off otherwise known as standby mode. That way you can save power without having to keep making changes to the settings.  
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