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Live -real time Interactive Courses for Beginners

  • Windows for Beginners

Workshop – live real time interactive class via online link provided. Max 6 per class.
A basic beginner’s course for Win 10, Win 11 with a personal teacher.
4 modules -1 per week via zoom. Course total £90
1 to 1 real time course as above (can do more than 1 module) £30 – 1 hour

  • 1 to 1 problem solving £30 per hour
  • Microsoft Word – Beginners interactive course 1 to 1 £30 per hour
  • Microsoft Excel -Beginners interactive course 1 to 1 £30 per hour

All my classes are conducted over the internet. As i demonstrate you can do the same on your PC so we go at the speed of each student.

The most popular is the Windows beginners course which consists of 4 modules.  One hour per week is required for each module. All that’s needed is access to a Windows PC with an internet connection. You should be in a quiet location. (persistent background noise -pets etc., will result in you being muted)