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Computer Repairs

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Laptop Screens

All types of Computer Repairs undertaken. If you have a cracked, broken or damaged laptop screen I can replace it. This a workshop job but doesn’t take long to do the actual replacement. First I need test if its the internal graphics card or the actual screen itself. Broken screens may be physically cracked or damaged but also may be detectable by the appearance of small square like shapes which is called broken pixels. These may vary in colour but don’t move around or go away. If the screen needs replacing I can do so quickly once the replacement screen has been obtained. Sending for a replacement for the exact model requires full model details from the laptop itself, and then I can remove the old one and replace it. Its always going to be cheaper to replace a damaged screen than replace the laptop!


Other repairs include RAM memory module upgrades, replacement WiFi cards; Battery issues; replacement laptop keyboards from spilt liquids! or lost/damaged keys and Internet not working; Replacement routers and Access points.

Power supply units (electrical) are often the cause of system problems. Additionally you may need to replace your hard drive and clone all the data to the new one. Basically if it can be fixed, lets get it done!

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