Remote Support

Remote Help


What does Remote Support mean?

Remote help can be in the form of telephone, email support or remote connection assistance for which phone supportyou pay an annual fee. This gives you the right to email me unlimited questions or requests for advice on any computer topic; get your problem solved with instructions in writing. Or you can call me by phone (sometimes by appointment) to ask a specific question. Or in many cases it can involve me remotely controlling your screen to resolve a problem. I can control your screen from my PC if you wish. This can be to solve many minor issues without the need for an on site visit. This can be paid for as a one off or with a yearly subscription. In any case having a quick answer without a house call is just what many clients want. This is really good value.

Remote Control

Remote control uses a cost-effective technology that allows me to control your computer and resolve issues from a remote location. The beauty is, I don’t even have to be where your computer is located. … You can schedule a time and day to fix your computer annoyance! During this process you are able to see what is happening and are always in ultimate control of your system. Whilst making adjustments we are speaking together the whole time. The beauty of this method is that I can resolve problems out of normal hours. NOTE: This does require you have a working internet connection, if that is your issue then an on site visit will be necessary.


By prior arrangement you call me and follow some instructions to click a link on this page. Then you give permission for me to control your screen via the software utility by clicking an ALLOW button. Within a few seconds I can see your computer screen in a small window on my PC. I can then proceed to fix the issue without having to come to you. Afterwards the permission is removed and you have a cleaner computer!


One off or Subscription

Remote Control Tools

Team Viewer
Aero Admin
Team Viewer for Mac
Ammy Admin