virus removal

Virus Removal & Cleanup

Despite having an Anti Virus program on your PC you can still get a virus, or more often, a malware infection from many websites or email messages that have been infected. Removal of a virus often takes technical knowledge of how such infections hide themselves. Technically they are different as a Virus usually destroys data whereas Malware uses up your resources and spies on your data. Either way its the same result, -you cant use your computer properly. Just running and anti virus scan rarely resolves the problem properly as many infections come back after a restart. Today many issues are caused by Trojans or other type of malware that persist in your machine and maybe looking for bank or credit card information etc. Be safe and get your computer cleaned professionally. This is all done at your own location. And contrary to common belief a Mac can get a virus though it is more difficult, its true, but not impossible, neither are they immune from malware infections. Reference article.


Both Mac and Windows create temporary files that slow down the system but Windows in particular is a very lazy housekeeper.  Every time you open, close, save and download, your computer makes temporary files which clog up the system. After a while this can cause system speed issues. Actually, on start up Windows indexes it files and you could be waiting for the index of all that junk to complete. I can show you how to keep your computer clean, -that is of the thousands of temporary files that build up over time. These slow down your computer and often is all that is needed to get your machine back to a reasonable speed. This is one of the first tasks I complete when tackling any computer issue.

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