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Beware new strains of Crypto virus doing the rounds. There are now free tools to prevent this kind of attack. One such free tool is available at: https://www.foolishit.com/cryptoprevent-malware-prevention/     Or Malwarebytes also doing a free anti ransom ware tool at: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/znlajk1tlmzbm2x3vb4enkik7lreqxd9 If you get this virus ALL your stuff is gone, unless you have encrypted backups you can kiss goodbye to your data including anything in Dropbox and cloud backups if open. Get protected now -its free!

Malwarebytes announce their new tool to prevent the ransom-ware virus otherwise known as Crypto virus which can come in various forms. This virus once activated in your PC will encrypt all the contents of your files, photos etc., and there is no cure. Everything is lost in such cases.   The new free tool which runs on your PC at start up and monitors any attacks will prevent this virus from its attempts. This is an entirely new type of protection. Whilst the tool is actually still in test stage it works well.   It can be downloaded free from here: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/znlajk1tlmzbm2x3vb4enkik7lreqxd9   I some cases you may need to add certain of your own installed programs to the Exceptions section of the program so as to prevent it from seeing them as a ‘false positive’ that is from generating a false alarm for your tool. For example I had