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On older versions of the Mac OS system with iPhoto you could just drag a photo to the bin and they would delete. Newer versions of OS which will have upgraded your picture software to the PHOTO program, means this is no longer possible. (This does not refer to the apps on iPhone or iPad but Mac computers)                   The steps below show how to delete unwanted photos. You can delete one at a time, or several at once. Delete a single photo Click on the photo that you want to delete. Press the Delete key. Confirm that you want to delete the photo. Delete multiple photos Press and hold down the Command key to make a multiple selection. Click each photo that you want to delete. Press the Alt + Command keys the press the Delete key. Confirm that you want

WhatsApp announce a new function called ‘Delete for Everyone’ which allows the user to delete a message they sent within 7 minutes of it being sent out. this may help someone who sends a message and then regrets their decision. This option will be for individual messages or those sent to a group chat. Exactly when this new function will be available on our phones is unclear. You can see full details of this function in this article. And WhatsApp own delete FAQ here