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Got an Android tablet or phone? You may have read advice about turning off your Wi-Fi to save your device’s battery and that is good advice but, here’s a tip to save you having to keep changing settings but still save power automatically. Go into the Settings app and tap the Wireless and Networks section. Next you tap Wi-Fi Settings and look for the Sleep Policy. If you tap that, you will get 3 options. Probably you will see the status set to NEVER which means it never sleeps -thus draining your battery. Select the option ‘When screen is turned off’ which means it will shut off the Wi-Fi when the screen is turned off otherwise known as standby mode. That way you can save power without having to keep making changes to the settings.  
find my device
Using Windows 10’s ‘Find my Device’ feature A handy new feature released in Windows 10 recently with an update is the Find My device function. This is a bit like Apple’s Find my iPhone feature. This can be useful if you mislay it or think it’s been stolen. To activate it on your tablet or phone, go to Start > Update & Security > Find My Device, then click the Change button and enable the “Save my device’s location periodically” option when prompted. Enable it via the option there. You will need to log into your Microsoft account at account.microsoft.com/devices to see its location displayed at any time.