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using dropbox

Using Dropbox What is Dropbox? Dropbox is a free on-line storage place for all your photos, documents, etc. Anything you add to the Dropbox folder on your computer or device will automatically show up on all your other computers, phones. It’s like having an on-line ‘lock-up’ store where only you have the key. This store is then available to you from wherever you can log in. The beauty is that it runs on Windows; Mac OS and Android systems, plus all your tablets and smartphones as well. You can even share some of the files if you wish. How do I use Dropbox? First you have to download the Dropbox software from the website at dropbox.com or the App store of your device. Once installed, you set up an account where you decide your username and password. This creates a folder on your computer or device that you can add files to. So imagine you need to have access to