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Handy Shortcuts for Windows users Below you will find some useful shortcuts The Windows key referred to here is: Switch between open windows Alt + Tab Minimize/restore all but the active window Windows key + Home Minimize all windows Windows key + M Maximize current window Windows key + up-arrow Minimize or restore a window Windows key + down-arrow Make all windows transparent to reveal the desktop Windows key + spacebar Dock a window to left or right side of screen Windows key + left- or right-arrow Zoom in/out Windows key + plus/minus sign Log out/in screen Windows key + L Open ‘Run’ dialog Windows key + R Open ‘Search’ box Windows key + F Open Windows Explorer Windows key + E Choose display mode/switch screens   (Useful for presentations or dual-monitors) Windows key + P Launch programs pinned to Taskbar  (1 is 1st from left etc; Windows Key+T cycles