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With so many sites requiring a username and password, it’s important to make sure access stays private. On line banking and other secure sites especially should have good passwords. If you think your password is safe why not test it here: https://howsecureismypassword.net/ and see how long it would take a hacker to crack it, you may be surprised. So what make a good password? Well first consider what does NOT make a good password, such as your name, date of birth and/or your address. These things can be guessed from your other data. NEVER use a proper word even a foreign word because hackers can use a ‘dictionary attack’ to find such words. When selecting a password of course you want to use something memorable. The best passwords are long words or phrases joined together as one long word.Consider though how you can change your current memorable word into something

spam mail

Spamming is defined as ‘sending out unsolicited email messages, particularly advertising’. However it can also involve emails that carry dangerous links and content. What can you do to prevent or minimize your receipt of Spam mail?  One of the most common methods Spammers get your email address is by Web crawling, where they trawl the internet looking for any place where you have used your email address. You probably think you haven’t left your address anywhere public, but believe me you have. They just have to search the web for the @ symbol to find traces of addresses. Try searching for your own address in Google, you may be surprised what you find, especially if you are a business person or are part of any group. Another method is to use a Dictionary attack Using automated software, spammers create thousands of addresses based on common combinations of words and number.