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You may have received an email from ‘Amazon’ informing you of a reward for your custom. Basically this is a scam and not from Amazon at all. I am fairly vigilant when it comes to emails like this however in my case I had recently ordered a few things from Amazon but my Amazon account is UK based and the rewards email was for a reward in dollars. So that made me suspicious even more. One way you can confirm this is a scam is to hold the mouse over the highlighted Amazon links and you will see the real link address you would be taken to if you clicked them, clearly not Amazon at all. Amazon themselves are aware and have warned of this scam, details here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=15362281  
microsoft phone call scam

Microsoft Phone call scam This last week 3 of my clients got phone calls from ‘Microsoft’ which of course is simply a trick. Microsoft will never call any member of the public in fact a call TO Microsoft would probably set you back about $200 so they sure aren’t going to call you! In fact no one can tell you have a virus or computer problem without logging into your computer first so any calls claiming such should be ignored. Just put down the phone. NEVER let them trick you into allowing them to access your computer as the first thing they will do is drop in software that will render your computer unusable after restart if you do not cooperate with their scam. You will be asked to pay money to release your computer. If not every time you restart your PC you will be asked for a password