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If you use Microsoft Word for your word processing, each time you open it you may be presented with a ‘splash screen’ or opening screen with template choices. To avoid that screen and go straight to a blank A4 page, just carry out the following simple steps. Open Word Click the File menu (top left) Click Options (Or Word Options in some versions) Notice the bottom box on the main screen, here you can untick the box to avoid the Start screen. Click OK to complete the process and when you restart Word the start up screen will not appear. As an additional tip from this same screen you can choose the general colour theme for Word. So for example in older versions of Word you can choose from White, Light Grey and Dark Grey, which depends on your screen brightness.           I find the dark

Using Tabs in Word -A quick guide (2007 or 2010 version shown here but much the same in all versions) Tabs are useful when you want text lined up on sides of a line or making multiple columns (alternative to Tables) in your Word documents. To set a tab, first click just under the number on the ruler bar where you want the tab to appear (see below) A small L shaped marker will appear, this is the tab setting.  Tabs will continue in use for the next line when the Return key is pressed to make the new line. Of course any line can have different Tabs to the others. To move a Tab, hold mouse cursor over tab marker until it identifies the tab (yellow hint) and then hold mouse and drag to place along the ruler. To remove a Tab for the current line, hold as above